email journaling

E-mail journalizing / archiving

We live in a time where the usage of e-mail are the most used communications tool for enterprises in the world. The importance of having an e-mail system where you are able to structure your e-mails to ensure that all your business data are saved and can be found later easily to be used various reasons.

We will develop a function in your current e-mail system where you will be able to use a shortcut to journalize and archive your mails into a file system or application for your needs.

When you are journalizing and achieving your e-mails you also make it easy too share business data with your colleagues and instead of redirecting e-mails all the time, your colleagues will now be able to easily and find all the relevant data about the subject.

We have experience in developing solutions for filing and archiving with MS Outlook and IBM Notes.


  • Move your business data out of your mailbox.
  • Always be to find old e-mails, and make sure important data wont get erased.
  • Save attached files and pictures automatic
  • Share E-mails and business data with your colleagues.
  • Categorize your e-mails
  • Optimize your mail-server.

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